Wednesday, 12 February 2014


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I love travelling. There I said it. But just like anything, there are parts of backpacking which I really don't like. Maybe even hate, and here they are.
  1. Hostels - thankfully, I didn't spent a lot of time in hostels whilst travelling. Now don't get me wrong, hostels can be great. They're a brilliant way to meet new people, they're cheap and they can help you plan your trip. But there is always someone who turns the light on in the middle of the night, someone who has to be up early and someone who comes back blind drunk. When you're travelling for a long time, sometimes you just want a good nights sleep and a dorm room isn't always the way to go. I wrote a post here with tips which may make your stay in hostels more comfortable.
  2. Same Old Story - you meet new people every day and you will always be asked the same 5 questions: "Where are you from? Where are you going? Where have you been? How long are you travelling for? How long are you here?" After a little while, it can get a bit tiring so try and mix it up a bit.
  3. Party Party Party - when you're travelling, there's always a reason to go out. It'll be someone's first or last night somewhere, someone going home or it's ladies night. At the beginning it's great fun, but after a little while your liver will start to hate you and you'll feel rough. Remember, there's plenty more things to do then sitting in bars.
  4. The 5 Minute Friend - when you meet someone new, you don't know how long you'll be with them for. You could travel with them for weeks, spend a few days in the same place or have a quick 5 minute encounter. You meet some lovely people on the road and you can have the most amazing time with them, and maybe that's all it's meant to be. But it's a nice feeling to really get to know someone and spend more then 5 minutes with them.
  5. Goodbyes - each goodbye is different. Some you expect, some you say in the hope to see them again and some are terribly sad. I have said countless goodbyes in my life, all of which I have not enjoyed. These days it is much easier to stay in touch with people, with the odd tweet, facebook message or email, but eventually it'll slowly stop despite your best intentions. When you travel long enough, you have people you miss all over the world and it can feel like your heart is broken in to different pieces. You can have life changing moments with people and it's hard when you realise you may not see that person again. I hate saying goodbye.
Don't get me wrong, I'd put up with all these things if it meant I could be on the road again but, for now, I am enjoying being at home and not having to say goodbye.
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