Thursday, 27 February 2014


I've been daydreaming about Australia a lot recently. I miss it so much and my heart is still outback bound. I thought I'd show you the places I have had the most happiest memories. Not only are these places beautiful but I also discovered them with amazing people, which helps. I could write a list of places you just HAVE to see when you go to Australia but, of course, everyone's opinion is different. But I would recommend going here and making them your own happy places.
Broome, WA - it's no secret that I am obsessed with sunsets, but this Broome sunset is extra special to me. Not only is it beautiful but, whilst watching the sky change colour, this was the moment I knew I had to travel the world. I remember thinking that I wanted to see the sun set in as many different countries as possible to see if they're as beautiful as this.
Coral Bay, WA - I have seen a lot of beaches in Australia but this was the first one to amaze me. Coral Bay is the smallest town next to the most beautiful beach. It has one small road with a hotel, pub and hostel and that's pretty much it. I spent my days here snorkelling to the reef from the beach and sunbathing on the perfectly white sand. The Ningaloo Reef is just as outstanding as the Great Barrier Reef but unknown as it's smaller. If anything, I preferred the Ningaloo Reef.
Coober Pedy, SA - I spent 7 months living in the outback and it will always have a special place in my heart. This is one of the weirdest places I have had the pleasure of seeing and I miss it so much. I lived underground, sold opals and got to see some beautiful sunsets and sunrises.
Streaky Bay, SA - I spent a long weekend here with some lovely new friends. It was a weekend of firsts, many highs and happy memories. Streaky Bay is a small town, but it's surrounded by lots of beaches and sand dunes. When I think of Streaky Bay, I will always think of the shabby beach hut and dancing in to the night.
Rainbow Beach, QLD - this was one of my first drunken nights in Australia as a backpacker. I had lots of beer, a walk on the beach at sunset and I caught my returning boomerang. The sand is full of colour and there is a beautiful Dreamtime Story to go with the town.
Where's your favourite places in Australia?
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