Thursday, 1 August 2013


There is a myth that opals are unlucky. A myth I did not believe. But looking back on my time in Coober Pedy, I'd say I was incredible unlucky; more so then usual...
I headed to Coober Pedy as I knew someone who lived there. I met him when travelling around Australia 3 years ago. We stayed in touch and he seemed like a nice guy. The person I arrived to was incredibly controlling, boring and, quite frankly, rude. It was not long before we fell out and I didn't see him for pretty much half my stay in Coober Pedy.
The job I had was well paid and easy work. I gave tours of old opal mines and underground homes, took groups around the town and sold opal jewellery. Although, I am not sure the easy work was worth the hassle from the owner. One day I am talking too much, the next not enough. I didn't say "thank you" or smile enough which, if you have met me in real life, is just ridiculous. I wasn't happy or cheerful enough. I had too much red bull and was always tired, which wasn't allowed even though I was working 7 days a week. The list went on.
The boy I was living with was very kind, generous and a good friend; but an absolute arse hole when it come to my feelings and his slutty ways. I left Coober Pedy with my feelings hurt and I don't think he actually cares.
I dropped my iPhone down the toilet. My anaemia got so bad I'd constantly be dizzy and nearly faint on a daily basis. I got a kidney infection which meant 2 weeks of antibiotics. I got a rash from head to toe when I discovered I am allergic to wool. Finally, I found out the job I left Coober Pedy for was in fact a scam. They say shit happens, but this is just ridiculous.
To come back to Australia for a second year I have to complete 3 months of fruit picking. I found a good job, too good to be true my mum said. Well, that turned out to be correct. I sat on a coach for 12 hours from Coober Pedy to Adelaide then flew from Adelaide to Perth, only to find out the job was a scam when I arrived. I hadn't slept for 40 hours by this point and it was a struggle to fight back the tears when I broke the news to my parents.
So I'm currently sitting in a hostel in Perth, wondering what the hell I am going to do about my life and hoping that something works out, like I keep assuring my parents it will.


  1. Come to Melbourne! You have blogger friends here! Or do you need to get a farm job now?

    1. Aw I seriously want to come to Melbourne. I do need a farm job but I may actually be heading that way for fruit picking. I will keep you posted :)