Tuesday, 30 July 2013


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When you arrive in Australia, on a working holiday visa, there are some things you need to do as soon as you can. It took me a while to complete the list because I spent the first few weeks willing myself to stay awake and not give in to jet lag.
  1. Activate Bank Account - once you set up an account with Commonwealth, they tell you where you need to go to collect your card and activate your account. Remember to make an appointment and to take your passport and any documents with you.
  2. Tax File Number - you will need to apply for a Tax File Number before you start work so you are taxed the correct amount. You can still work without a Tax File Number but employers don't like it and you'll be taxed a massive 48.5%. It's easy to do, follow directions here.
  3. Medicare Card - you will need to go to a local Medicare Centre to apply for a Medicare Card. There's lots of offices and once there you just need to complete a form and have your passport and a copy of your visa email showing which visa you're on. A few weeks later you'll receive your card in the post.
  4. Phone - it's good to keep in touch with everyone back home. If you're taking your phone from England with you, remember to get it unlocked. I thought you had to pay for this but a simple email can get the job done. One thing I found is if you have a Vodafone phone in England, this will not work with an Aussie Vodafone SIM card so you will still need to get it unlocked. I have found Telstra to be the best network to be on in Australia, with the best coverage in remote areas.
  5. Job Hunt - if you want to start work as soon as you arrive to Australia, I'd suggest starting to look for work in England. Get your CV out there as it may be a few weeks before they start the interview process. I have found Gumtree and Seek to be really good for looking for work. Good luck.
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  1. Hi there I love your blog! I'm looking to go to aus at the end of this year! I'm going alone which I'm very scared at because I have haver travelled alone! Are you? If so any pointers? X

    1. Hello :) thank you so much for your comment! I'm pleased my tips are helping someone! I did indeed come to Australia by myself! One of my main worries was if I would make friends! Looking back I really had no need to worry and neither do you :) pretty much everyone you meet, especially if you stay in hostels, have been or are travelling alone so everyone is really lovely and will get you involved in days or nights out! You also meet loads of people by working here and people are so generous here you'll be making friends in no time!
      It can get lonely at times when you're travelling by yourself but that passes and doesn't last for long!
      There are lots of people to help you with travelling around Australia like travel agents, people in hostels or other backpackers!
      Travelling by yourself you get to meet heaps of people that you wouldn't usually get to meet! Sometimes when you travel with someone you can keep to yourselves!
      Travelling by myself has been amazing and you'll really love it when your here! The hardest step to take is the first one out your door! Once you're here it will be easy! Just don't think too much about what could go wrong, and think about what an amazing experience you'll have :)
      Any questions or anything let me know :) I was going to do a post on travelling alone so keep an eye out :) x