Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Today's the day that I leave Australia and I am a bag of mixed emotions. I have such happy memories here and I am going to be leaving some amazing people behind. I fell just as I did when I left my friends and family at home only this time, with the people I have met here, I don't know how long it will be before I see them again.
I have had many highs and lows in Australia, but when I look back and think of the year I have just experienced, it is the high moments which stick out and bring a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. I do, however, think of the low points fondly because I can see how I overcome and learnt from them.
It's true what they say, travelling does change you. I am a much stronger and more confident person then when I arrived a year ago and I have experienced things I never even dreamed of doing. I have had my eyes opened to how different people live and been able to experience it for myself. I have learnt about different peoples backgrounds and understood how it has shaped them to the person they are today. But, most of all, I have learnt a lot about myself. I have seen both my strengths and weaknesses and I can now work on being a better person then I am today.
They also say that travelling helps you find yourself and at this moment in time I feel more lost then when I first arrived to Australia. Although I've learnt a lot, I still don't completely know who I am, where I'm going in life or even what I'm doing next year. I always planned on travelling for a year, then settling back in England for a while and maybe look for a 'proper' job. But now I want to continue meeting new people and seeing new places, not matter how hard it is to say goodbye.
I can't put in to words exactly what I'm feeling, but I know that living and working in Australia is the best decision I've made to date. I say this so much but if you're thinking of travelling, just do it. The hardest step to make is the first one out your door, but you'll be so pleased you did. I've not yet met one person who has regretted moving away from home for a while to discover something new. There's a whole world out there waiting for you.
Soon, I'll be on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Thailand where I will be spending the next 4 weeks. I've never been before but heard such great things. I haven't done much research at all, so if you have any suggestions on what to do, where to go or where to stay it would be a great help. I don't think I'll be able to blog whilst I'm away, but I will be back in full force in a few weeks with some stories to tell.
Today's the day I left my heart in Australia.


  1. Goodbye Emma! Sad that you didn't make it to Melbourne but I'm hoping to get over to England in the next year or so, so we should definitely go for a coffee or something.

    Have an amazing time in Thailand! xx

    1. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your comment! I'm sorry I didn't get to Melbourne too, but I will be back in Australia for a visit again soon I am sure and it will def be on my list of places to stop at.

      When are you thinking of coming to London? That would be amazing! I live a short 30 minute train ride away from the city! xx

  2. Have amazing time in Thailand and see you soon in London! X

    1. Sorry I didn't reply to your comment sooner lovely! Roll on #ldnbloggermeet so I can see all you lovely ladies again! xx