Sunday, 10 November 2013


It's safe to say that this is the weirdest house I have ever lived in. Firstly, I should explain a bit about Coober Pedy...

Coober Pedy only exists because opal was found here in 1915. If opal was not found, it is unlikely that Coober Pedy would be lived in today. The temperature can reach 52 degrees in summer and -3 degrees in winter. There can be sand storms and amazing thunder and lightening storms. It's not a place you would usually choose to live.

Opal is found by digging holes in to the ground and tunnelling along opal seams. In 1915, miners would live in their mines because they discovered that no matter what the temperature was outside, it will constantly be 23 degrees underground. Once this was discovered, people continued to live underground to this day.

I called my underground home, my cave and I feel like you should listen to The Cave by Mumford and Sons whilst you read this post. As you can see from the top picture, my house was built in to a hill and did not go in to the ground like many people would expect.

My cave was once backpacker accommodation, which is why it is full of bunk beds. I spent most of my time living here alone but I did spend some time living with some lovely friends.

My cave was certainly an experience and I'll miss it so much.

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