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Since starting my blog, I have tried to combine my love of writing and travel. I finally decided to write Travel Tips for you adventurers out there and share with you what I have learnt along the way.
Through Twitter, I have met many more bloggers who are on a journey of their own and so I asked if they would want to share their own tips with you. First up is the lovely Rose who, in under a month, will be travelling to New Zealand to be with her boyfriend Ed. Here are Rose's Travel Tips for anyone thinking of moving to New Zealand.
  1. Research E V E R Y T H I N G - Moving to New Zealand is a big, big step and it's not something I thought about lightly. I researched almost everything I could before I started on the process, It may be a bit different to me as I am going there knowing someone and being able to live with someone but it's basically the same start. I'd say the best way to start researching and working out if moving to New Zealand is the right thing for you is to read other peoples stories. Blogs are a great way to start. Reading Emma's blog actually made me really think about the whole situation and the things that could go wrong; it was a really good insight to the whole moving thing. So I'd say that is a good way to start as it's not all happy times while travelling, things can go wrong.
  2. NZ Ready Account - Another tip is to set up a NZ ready account. I'd never heard of this until I started researching visas and jobs out in New Zealand but it's really helped. First off it asks you some basic questions on what you're planning to do etc and then calculates everything you need to do before you leave for New Zealand. It puts it into really helpful bullet points as well which can be ticked off when you're done (which is very satisfying haha). It also put into groups for you so it starts with '6 months before leaving', '3 months before leaving' and so on, very handy if you're an OCD person like me and wants to do everything and anything to help me get ready AND in order.
  3. Be Prepared with Packing - I started sorting packing out around 2 months before hand, taking pictures of outfits I liked so I could remember what things to pack and sort out my wardrobe. Throwing away anything that I didn't need so I don't leave my room in a mess for my parents haha. It may be different to other people as I am leaving for 2 years but even if you are just travelling to New Zealand for a couple of months packing will probably be on of the hardest parts. I am dreading it but at the moment I am thinking truthfully what will I need over there. Be sensible. Do you really need that many shoes? Probably not. I keep trying to remind myself that you CAN buy stuff out there it's not like the stuff I pack will be it for 2 years. So I'd say start early. Maybe not the actual packing but definitely start organising and thinking thoroughly what kind of things you need and write lists. Lists are a god send.
  4. Remember and Consider Travel Insurance - I am putting this one in here because right this second I am have a little freak out about travel insurance. I am saving literally every penny and every penny is needed for me to get £2100 which is the amount I have to have to be allowed into New Zealand. Now that's fine I will get that BUT I didn't take into consideration travel insurance and its very hard to find one that is under £100. £100 of money that I really need in my bank, so all I'm going to say is if you're saving money as desperately as me try and think about travel insurance and maybe you wont be as stressed as me. At the moment it's looking like Travel Supermarket is my best bet with 12 month cover for £102. Like all my other tips I'd say research as much as possible as thats the best way your going to find the good deals.
  5. The Last Few Weeks Before You Leave - I have 4 weeks until I leave. All I am going to say is treasure every moment you have. I am taking pictures of everything and anything to remind me of home and my family as I know when I get to New Zealand I will be stupidly home sick. I am trying to make the most of my hometown before I leave and doing things I haven't done before. So yes, last tip is treasure the last month/weeks you have left.
Make sure you check out Rose's blog so you can follow her journey to New Zealand.
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